With: Dr. Strangelove


My name is Farrah Khan and I am completing my Arts Degree at the University of Ottawa. I work  full-time for Regenesis-IT (web-programming company) as a website tester and I also work part time at Rogers TV on the production crew for a show called, Tele-30.  I am currently taking CMN2173  – Advertising and Society with Dr. Strangelove in which I was assigned to create this blog. My blog  focuses and discusses the lectures which were held in Dr. Strangelove’s classes. I have posted 5 entries which reflect 5 separate classes that I have attended. Advertising and Society is a course which analyses the relationship between advertising, consumer society, the media as well as cultural industries. In this course, we  explore the relationship between advertising and dominant patterns of perception, belief, and consumer behaviour. We have also focused on sex roles in adverstising and how women are used in ads in very highly sexual manners. We briefly discuss how in the last century there has been a transition from an indutrialized society to a consumer society. Advertisements play a very significant role in this transition since advertisements have created a marketplace that depends on consumption of goods in order to generate profit for the economy. However, it is not only the economy that benefits from consumerism but major corporations and companies also benefit from profits gained through financial consumption. The major issue in regards to advertisements is the negative effects it has on society. Advertisements create unattainable ideals which put pressure on individuals due to the hardship of reaching and living these expectations that are expected of us. Furthermore, advertisments send out wrongful messages which state how people should be instead of promoting individuals to embrace their true uniqueness.

Advertisements portray fictional characters such as the independent woman who smokes cigarettes or the ‘average joe’ guy who puts one spray of axe on him and a stampede of girls come rushing at him to fulfill his dreams and fantasies. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about please watch the following axe commercial I have posted and just think about how ridiculous this commercial truly is:

These ficitonal characters can be found in cigarette ads, beer ads, axe ads or in the show, Sex in the City and they send out different and particular messages to society with a highly influential manner. In reality, the indpendent woman who does not need a man because she has her cigarettes has higher chances of getting some type of cancer or dying from smoking the chemicals within cigarettes and as for axe, well its just a smell, a nice smell, but I doubt a stampede of women will come out of nowhere to hunt that man down. However, these characters are created through ads and influence people into buying into their products. Although sex sells and reaching out to individuals through their dreams and fantasies is strategic especially in the market world, the true question here is if economical, corporate/company profit gains are worth the negative factors that come along with the power of a capitalist system? CMN2173 – Advertising and Society with Dr. Strangelove discusses these challenges of a capitalist consumer society. Check out my posts and pages and you can get an even greater input to what this course entails. Enjoy!


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