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Class Notes Retrieved from June 20, 2011:

When I initially signed up for this course I knew it would be an interesting communication course for me. I enjoy observing advertisements and discussing the many ways their messages affect society. Advertisements are part of our everyday life. It would be difficult to ignore them even if we tried because they are shown everywhere. They invasively intrude into our lives while we watch our favourite shows whether through ads directly in the shows or the commercials in between the shows. We hear them while driving in our car and listening to the radio. We can see them in all public places such as on buses, schools, street poles, garbage cans, public washrooms and almost anywhere one can put an ad. However, the significant issue of advertisements in our lives is not the ridiculous amount of ads that surround us in our daily lives but the unrealistic content and messages they send out. For example, the following Dolce & Gabbana advertisement:

According to this course’s syllabus, I will explore the relationship between advertising and dominant patterns of perception, belief, and consumer behaviour. This course will also focus on the role of sex in advertising and the corporate control of perception within media culture. I find this particular focus quite interesting. By analysing the role of sex in advertising and how corporations have such power as to control our own personal perceptions goes to show just how powerful advertising is and how influential that the messages they convey are to the people of a society. For example, in the following Dolce & Gabbana ad, Madonna is used in a sexual manner to represent the domesticating of women and how women should be the main cleaners of the household:

 When in reality a mess is a mess and cleaning does not require a particular gender to get the job done. Therefore, it is critical that the messages being conveyed to society should be positive and realistic since they have such a powerful influence on people’s personal perceptions which are part of defining ourselves. Unfortunately, sex sells and advertisements do not lean towards advocating positivity but instead focus on profit gain. Corporations and companies create advertisements in order to promote and sell their products and they have mastered the idea of sex sells. Many corporations and companies use sex to sell their products regardless if there are negative messages which have negative effects on the people of a society.  According to the syllabus, the objectives of this course are the following: (1) to acquire insight into how the economic system produces the consumer, (2) to gain familiarity with the scholarly analysis of advertising, and (3) to develop and communicate a critical perspective on advertising. I believe by incorporating my personal ideas and opinions from observing advertisements with the material I will learn from this course I will be able to grasp an even greater critical perspective on the power of advertising. I learned that within this course I will have to create a blog and a Video Research Documentary. Since I have never made a blog till now or a Video Research Documentary, I feel this course will teach me a more technological way of expressing my thoughts, opinions and the information I will absorb from this course.

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