With: Dr. Strangelove

Class Notes Retrieved from June 27, 2011:

In this class, we briefly discussed the following guidelines for our Blog:

  • Post entries can be formatted informally (jot notes are acceptable)
  • Each entry must be 500 words minimum
  • On the blog there should be the following three pages: home, about, documentary
  • On the documentary page there should be a 3 minute video outlining the purpose of the blog

We also briefly discussed the following guidelines for our Video Research Documentary:

  • Video should be ten minutes in duration and three minutes of video should be footage from class
  • Out of the eight articles which will be read in this course there should be explicit reference at least five articles
  • Cite like how news cites, for example, Dr. Strangelove suggests…
  • Paraphrase instead of quoting exact quotes
  • Go ‘deeper than the obvious’, integrate psychological, sociological, feminist theories etc. of how advertising affects society
  • Create word slides and display them in the video three times
  • Simplify complex statements when citing
  • Make the introduction of the video with credits and 30 seconds long in duration
  • Don’t only take ‘static’ shots, take close-ups, different angles from the camera

Throughout the class we viewed prior CMN2173 students’ Video Research Documentaries. We went over a lot of what not to do when creating our Video Research Documentary. For example, do not point out the obvious, make sure to edit or at least watch the video you made before submitting it in as complete, and be sure to fit all your words on the screen that you may put in your video (do not cut off any words). Dr. Strangelove showed us a quick video he had made which was quite funny. In the video, Dr. Strangelove discusses about the magazine titled, The New Woman.

 The message the magazine is trying to advocate is how the idea of a woman has changed. The new woman this magazine is referring to is a woman who is independent, hairless and only has a one track mind which is finding a man and making sure to keep him. The point that Dr. Strangelove was trying to make was that although the magazine says it promotes women’s independence, it has very irrelevant ways of showing and defining an independent woman. For example, the magazine has ads promoting hair removal and how to get guys in order to possession them which in my opinion are more unnatural ways of being a woman instead of defining an independent woman especially if she needs to know how to find a man and keep him –where is the independence there? Also, the ads portrayed unrealistic body images of females who are promoting materialistic or ridiculous ways to being this new woman. Therefore, this idea of a new woman is just another way advertisements sneakily still somewhat relate to the consumer but still has control over the social construction in society.

The required reading for this class was the following article, ‘Advertising, Gender and Sex: What’s Wrong with a Little Objectification?’ In this article, it mentions how ads have become seen as normal regardless of the high amount of sexual content that is part of these ads. It is funny how people can be aware of the strangeness of ads yet still passes by them as if there is ‘normalcy’ in them. Some ads should even be considered a disgrace to women and to the point where we should not process the idea of normalcy in these ads. For example, ads which portray women being subordinate to men or even worse portraying them as infantile. For example, the woman in the following ad for the video game, Grand Theft Auto IV.

 Women are constantly used as objects to sell products but the biggest issue is how women are not only objectively used but in a highly unrealistic sexual manner to sell products. Ads are always portraying sexual availability: women’s pants half down and women always being ready for sex. The article discusses how ads do not mirror reality but instead wrap up our dreams/fantasies, resonate with people’s already obtained knowledge in order to sell it back to people.

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